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The Escapades of a lark...

Erin O'Meally, Soprano

Lyric Soprano Erin O’Meally brings fearlessness, poise, and dedication to all of her endeavors onstage and off. Driven by a lifelong commitment to advance the performing arts and social justice, she is a passionate advocate for the arts’ ability to raise consciousness and transform hearts and minds. 

With a career spanning the United States and Europe, she performs with a “clarion” voice and presence that ranges from “dreamy” and “sensuous” to stentorian. Whether in a concert setting, recording studio, comedic operetta, or opera, Ms. O’Meally's uncanny ability to connect with audiences makes for riveting performance and exquisite artistry.

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Studio Recordings

Love Can't Save You, Padmé

Love Can't Save You, Padme is proud to offer this fine and fleeting collection of songs, dances and fantasies, intended to delight one's noblest sensibilities!

Love Can't Save You Padmé is a band comprised of Erin O'Meally, Emma Logan, Michael Kropf, Patrick Smith, Justine Preston, Tim Sherren They have released two studio albums, "Pretty Pink Palace" and "It's Christmas".

A third album is to be released in 2021.



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