Living inspired: Bellisima a Budva

Since I'm the luckiest lady, I spent my last August days of this sweet summer in Budva, Montenegro.

I took this picture from a paddleboat offshore. No sharks in these waters! Phew.

Right now I am in Berlin Germany and day-dreaming of my next travel adventure, on this gorgeous September day. This year I am teaching both Music and English lessons in Berlin proper, so this means I will be putting a few of my grand travel plans on hold for a bit.

Very luckily, I've got some great memories from my recent explorations that I can share!

Also yes, that's a cat in this picture below. *Meow*

My recent Montenegro trip, late August 2021.

Where is Montenegro?! It's across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. Next to Serbia. They speak mainly Montenegrian/Serbian, (referring to my title), but some grandpas I met liked to communicate in Italian, so I happily obliged.

A good friend of mine invited me to visit their wonderful hometown and family in Montenegro! While there, I had some amazing food, walked on some reaaaally old stones, and swam in the crystal clear water. I did not get many pictures of the historic" Old Town" because I didn't have my phone on me that night, but fortunately I was fully immersed in the moment to see the town thriving!

Budva is one of the oldest cities along the Adriatic coast, having been founded back in the 4th century BCE. The land was ruled by Romans, Venetians, Byzantines and Austro-Hungarians, and was obviously strongly embedded in ancient history.

While there we did some snorkeling and it was so calming. This small town was so inviting, and the people so friendly! Nightlife was winding down in Budva as we approached the begining of Autumn, but you could tell, those clubs were still BUMPIN'!

The beaches were glorious, and I thankfully accepted and received the sunshine fix I needed before coming back to Berlin for the lang und kalt Winter!

I was there for only three short days, but I saw almost all of Budva, according to my awesome tour guide. The sights were stunning. Truly, the mountains were breathtaking. Until next time, Budva.


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